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Brand Development

You know when you come across a brand and you just get who they are? That’s what we’re here to do. We strengthen and update your brand positioning, honing in on who your target audience is, we develop a communication strategy that is projected across all of your business touch points. 

From visual identity to how you look, feel, sound and communicate - we have our fingers on the pulse to make you stand out in a saturated market. 

Content Production

Bringing to life your brand is a hard battle and creating content is arguably the most important part of your marketing efforts. We do everything from start to finish and not to blow our own trumpet - we do it at a high level. 

We offer luxury production at an affordable price: Creative and art direction, photo and video production, location scouting, post production, retouching and more. 

The devil is in the detail. Content drives social media strategies and that brings us onto our next point...

Social Media Strategy

We are the millennial generation and know how to attract an audience on social media. With the number of social media platforms having grown significantly over the last decade, you need to know the 411 of creating a social strategy that focuses on multi-channel marketing, content calendar planning and channelling brand values into everything that is posted into the social sphere. 

It takes more than a photo and a caption, it takes consistency (Paid Advertising if we're being honest) and stand out content creation - thats where we come in. 

We manage brand social media platforms and content create to ensure engagement is at the forefront of what we do. #NeverNotPosting


UnderWater by Water Creative is a Talent Management agency. We connect creatives with global brands worldwide, designing and executing outstanding campaigns and collaborations + manage the partnerships of social talent. 

Brands and businesses, we help you decide - Should you feature a micro- or mid-tier influencer in a campaign — or spring for a big timer? We help with the selection process and make sure they fit with your vision.

Fashion Design & Buying

We understand the tie between product and promotion, everything starts with what you’re offering. With our experience, we can design and develop your fashion range and spend time consulting on what is and isn’t working with an analytic mind. 

From turning around talent merchandise to full blown capsule collections, we are reactive to creative projects that will translate your brand vision and beyond. 


We know that word sounds expensive - its not, its the only way to explain how we can give areas of your business the TLC it deserves. Need to know how to navigate through the fashion e-commerce world from the ground up? Send us more info, we're here to help. 

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